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 This is a consolidated list of the services we offer at CPMotorworks,Inc.

Engine Block Services
Disassemble Engine Block
Hot Tank Engine Block
Bore Engine Block
Hone Engine Block with Plates Installed
Deck Engine Block with Block True Fixture
Check Main Cap Alignment 
Hone Lifter Bores
Final Wash Engine Block 
R&R Camshaft Bearings
Prep Engine Block for Assembly
Pressure Test Engine Block
Cut Block for Stroker
Mock up Engine Block
Engine Assembly
Magnaflux for cracks
Ultrasonic testing
Engine startup

Crankshaft Services
Hot Tank Crankshaft
Grind Crankshaft and correct stroke
Polish Crankshaft and deburr oil holes
Final Wash Crankshaft

Connecting Rod Services
Hot Tank Connecting Rod
Check Connecting Rod Alignment
Check Pin Fit & Hone Connecting Rod
Recondition Big End Connecting Rod
Disassemble Rod from Piston
Assemble Rod & Piston

Cylinder Head Services
Performance Multi-angle Valve Job
Valve Guides
Cut for Valve Seats
Cut for Valve Springs 
Surface Heads
CC Heads
Bead Blast Valves
Polish Valves & Stems
Backcut Valves
Install Screw-in Studs
Check & Set Valve Spring Pressures 

Piston Services
Check Size
Pin Fit Piston
Cut Flat Top
Fly Cut Pockets
Deburr & Reshape Piston

Miscellaneous Services   
Custom Machine Work & Fabrication






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