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CPMotorworks, Inc., located in Janesville, WI, was started in 2002 by Pete Graves after 10 years of building engines for friends and family as a hobby. Our goal is to build powerful and reliable engines that exceed our customers' expectations and perform unlike any other crate or package engine available.  Reliable horsepower to us means fun, so if you want something more than just the average rebuilt engine, CPM can help!

Engine Design-

Each engine is designed to work as a package to achieve your performance goal. All components are chosen to work together and to allow changes and upgrade without starting completely over. It may seem more costly at first, but we believe in investing in quality parts from the start.

Engine Machining- 

The foundation of any performance engine is quality machine work, and that takes time, skill, patience, and knowledge.  But it does not end there.  You must be able to verify the end results, and rigorous checks are employed during the engine building process here at CPM.

Engine Assembly-

We assemble every engine in a clean, well lit environment. During assembly, every critical dimension is recorded. Camshafts are fully degreed. There is no mass assembly line. Every part is massaged to fit perfectly with its mating part. We do our best to catch any problems before it becomes a problem.

Custom Machine Work-

Need custom modifications or fabrication to make that certain part fit?  We can do it. From small modifications to complete design and fabrication we have the ability to make your part a reality.




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