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CPMotorworks Inc. was started in 2002 by Pete & Leah Graves, and is located in Southern Wisconsin about 70 miles west of the legendary Great Lakes Dragaway.  My desire to own & operate a performance engine machine shop has been my drive and goal since 1991.  I purposely sought out a degree as a machinist to build a foundation of good machining knowledge and practices, and to apply that knowledge towards what it takes to build quality and reliable performance engines that deliver.  I began my education by graduating from the Machine Tool Operator program at Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) in 1993.  I later completed a certified 4 year apprenticeship in 1998 and am a certified Journeyman Machinist.

After 5 years working experience as a manual machinist, I started CNC programming and machining in 1997 and have been employed as a CNC Programmer since, with experience in multiple CAD/CAM software programs and many different machine controls.  After gaining the knowledge and experience in my field and in building engines parttime, I started CPM to meet the need for a custom performance shop in the area that truly delivers the quality and reliable horsepower output with a knowledge and understanding that came from hard work, education, experience, and planning.  My goal is to provide the best-built engines for customers who know what it takes, and to help those that want to know. 

The foundation of any performance engine is quality machine work, and that takes time, skill, patience, and knowledge.  But it doesn’t end there.  You must be able to verify the end results, and rigorous checks are employed during the engine building process here at CPM.

We are also involved in testing and proving our engines.  Real world driving is the final test, on the street and at the track.  We have both a 1970 Chevelle and 1971 Chevelle that spend time as R&D vehicles, and other customer vehicles that we use for feedback.




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